List of the meals
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List of the meals

Dear guests!

Our hotel has renomed restaurant where you can taste the most delicious meals and taste the best vines in pleasant surrounding near the Lake Ohrid.



Cold Appetizers

- Mixed cold apetizer
- Marinated sliced steak
- Mozzarella
- Mixed cheese
- Macedonian white cheese
- Hard cheese
- Smoked ham
- Smoked ham with melon
- Bruscetta with tomatos
- Seafood salad
- Spiced veal fillet, butter and toast


Hot apetizers

- Roasted aubergine
- Roasted broccoli
- Breaded marrow
- Mushrooms on butter
- Breaded cheese
- Battered pancakes with ham & cheese
- Grilled vegetables



- Mixed salad
- Macedonian salad
- Sopska salad
- Greek salad
- Tomato salad
- Cucumber salad
- Tarator salad
- Mixed tuna salad
- Mixed salad with shrimps
- Mixed salad with calamari
- Mixed chicken salad
- "Tino"mixed salad
- Mixed salad with parmesan



- Tomato soup
- Beef soup
- Fish soup
- Vegetables soup



- Spaghetti olive oil and garlic
- Spaghetti with tomato sauce
- Spaghetti with meat sauce
- Spaghetti with white sauce, ham and eggs
- Spaghetti with seafood
- Tagliatelle with basilico sauce
- Tagliatelle with broccoli
- Penne with meat sauce
- Penne with tuna
- Penne with spinach
- Penne with vegetables
- Tortellini with white sauce and ham
- Tortellini with white sauce and gorgonzola
- Roasted tortellini
- Roasted lasagne



- Rice with mushrooms
- Rice with chicken
- Rice with seafood
- Vegetarian rice


Meat specialities

- Medallions in meat sauce
- Medallions in white sauce
- Medallions in mushroom sauce
- Medallions in balsamico sauce
- Grilled stuffed pork with prosciutto and cheese
- Cordon bleu
- Breaded pork shnitzel
- Pork shnitzel with yellow cheese
- Grilled pork rolled with prosciutto and cheese
- "Country style"pork
- Grilled beef steak
- Beef steak with green pepper
- Grilled beef steak with mushrooms sauce
- Grilled beef steak with gorgonzola and white sauce
- Beef steak and fried onions
- Saute Stroganoff



- Grilled chicken steak
- Chicken steak slice with mushrooms and white sauce
- Chicken on "Country style"with onion, mushrooms, peppers and tomato
- Breaded chicken shnitzel
- Grilled chicken roll with cheese



- Roasted trout
- Shrimps with mushrooms and white sauce
- Grilled calamari
- Breaded calamari
- Grilled lavrak
- Grilled orada
- Mixed seafood
- Grilled scampi
- Grilled salmon trout
- Grilled plaice fish



- Margerita (tomato sauce, cheese)
- Mozzarela (tomato sauce, cheese, mozzarela)
- Bella Napoli (tomato sauce, cheese, onion, tuna)
- Funghi (tomato sauce, cheese, mushrooms )
- Barone (tomato sauce, cheese, prosciutto, ham)
- Capricosa (tomato sauce, cheese, prosciutto, mushrooms)
- Frutti di mare (tomato sauce, cheese, seafood)
- Pizza prosciutto (tomato sauce, cheese, prosciutto)
- Quattro fromaggio (tomato sauce, gorgonzola, parmezan, mozzarela)
- Vegeteriana (tomato sauce, cheese, onion, mushrooms, peppers, broccoli)
- Pizza Kapri (tomato sauce, cheese, hard salami)
- Quattro stagioni (tomatoes, yellow cheese, hard salami, ham, mushrooms, shrimps)



- Pancakes with honey and nuts
- Pancakes with banana and chocolate cream
- Cake
- Icecream
- Fresh fruit
- Hazelnuts
- Almonds

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